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McDonald Islands Country Code

How to call McDonald Islands? McDonald Islands country code, area code, phone code, that you must dial to call by phone to McDonald Islands.

CountryCountry codeHow to call
McDonald Islands61+61 0061

The country code of McDonald Islands is 61.

The phone code to call McDonald Islands (area code / international prefix) is 61.

How to call McDonald Islands

1. Dial the international exit prefix, the most common is 00 (from United Kingdom, for example) but if you call from the United States or Canada it's 011.
2. Dial the McDonald Islands country code 61
3. Dial the phone number you want to call (may not begin with 0):
    Calling France from the United States or Canada: 011 61 ? ?? ?? ?? ??
    Calling France from the other country: 00 61 ? ?? ?? ?? ??

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Country codes or international calling codes are a numerical sequence that is dialed to call a telephone outside of the country of origin

Before the country code, the + sign (if it's from a mobile) or two zeros (00) must be dialed if the call is made from a landline. For example, the +52 phone is equivalent to 0052.

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